Join Hebrides Mountain Rescue


Hebrides Mountain Rescue are looking for more people to volunteer and join HebSAR. By joining HebSAR, you will be joining a group of volunteers who give of their time in order to help rescue anyone who gets lost or in trouble in the Western Isles.

Hebrides Mountain Rescue run a training day for all members at least once a month, this helps get new members up to speed with the skills required for search and rescue and includes learning to work as a search team, getting familiar with new areas, technical rope rescue work, first aid, working with other agencies and a number of other skills. The team also runs casualty care training one evening every month, and also has some informal training sessions in order to get more practice at certain skills, etc.

Hebrides Mountain Rescue are looking for people who will fit well into our team, whether you have mountain rescue skills or not. We are looking for people who enjoy the outdoors, helping people, and are good team players. By joining Hebrides Mountain Rescue you will be joining a Mountain Rescue Team, who are part of the Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland.

If you are interested in joining Hebrides Mountain Rescue, please get in touch, and we will send you application forms to get the joining process going. We look forward to seeing you!