About The Team

 Our Mission Statement is simply "to save lives and assist the community in emergencies".

Our primary role is as a land based Search And Rescue Team, working with Northern Constabulary. Our secondary role is to support the wider community, this maybe during adverse weather or major incidents.

The team consists of 25 operational team members, aspirant team members and support staff. All members offer their time free of charge, and are on call 24/7. They come from a wide variety of professions, but share a passion for the great outdoors.

The team are dedicated, highly professional and skilled. To maintain these skills the HebSAR team train on the hill and in the classroom. Team members are proficient in Rope Rescue, Navigation, Off Road Driving, Casualty Care, Search Management, and Communications.



All teams with the MRC of S receive some money from Scottish Resilience. This money equates to about a fifth of the annual running costs. Teams rely almost entirely on the goodwill of the general public.



You can donate to the team via Paypal by pressing the Donate button at the top right hand of this website.



The Team also relies on corporate sponsorship from local, national and international companies. Please contact us to discuss this further.



Hebrides Mountain Rescue have helped with events for local youth clubs, the Scouts and other local groups. If you would like the Team to visit your event please contact us.